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Sango is unrecognizable, the Cybervengers are worried!

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– Share this story –


Would you be trapped by e-addiction? Take our mini quiz to see!😉


What do Sango and the Sage have in common in this episode and that worries their friends?

A - They have become addicted to their computer or phone screens.

Well done! That’s the right answer! They can’t live without their screens. It’s as if their lives depend on them! So they only think of isolating themselves to connect. Nothing else interests them. Without their screens, they get upset easily. And this can happen to both teenagers and adults.

B - They both wear glasses.

Nope! Even if it is true (you are very observant!), that is not what is important about this episode. It’s rather that they have both become addicted to (hooked on) their screens (TV, tablet, computer, phone, game console…). They can no longer live without being connected. And this can be dramatic because nothing else interests them. They cut themselves off from real life, from their friends and family, from school, from nature.

C - They didn't have the chance, like the rest of the gang, to go hiking.

Nope! Even if it’s true, that’s not what we need to remember about our heroes. They have both become addicted to (hooked on) their computer screens or phones. They cannot live without being connected. This can be dramatic because nothing else interests them: neither friends nor family, not school, not nature… nothing! An addiction sometimes compensates for a need; it is important to identify this situation in order to get away from it. A doctor can really help.


How can you tell if someone you know has a screen addiction?

A - They only think about eating.

Nope! It is true that thinking about eating all the time is not normal. This is called an addiction to or dependence on food. When someone suffers from a screen addiction (TV, tablet, computer, phone, video game console…), it is because they can no longer do without it and devote all their time to it. Often, they get angry at anything that distracts them from the game, the show or the reels that are on their screen. Talk to the person, if you can, to understand what is going on and suggest they talk to an adult.

B - They sleep during class.

Well done! That’s the right answer! Someone who is addicted to screens (TV, tablet, computer, phone, video game console…) often changes their behavior: they sleep when they shouldn’t, can get angry about nothing, won’t talk to anyone, refuse any activity with friends or family. Addiction to screens makes you tired and irritable. If you notice that one of your friends is not getting enough sleep, for whatever reason, suggest that they talk to you about it.

C - They invite their friends to their house every day.

Nope! It’s often the opposite that happens. If, like Sango, one of your friends doesn’t want to see you or talk to their best friends, look out for that person. Talk to them. Try to understand what’s going on. Dialogue is often a solution. And of course, don’t hesitate to talk to a trusted adult!


How can you help someone suffering from a screen addiction?

A - Leave them alone.

Nope! That is the worst solution. A person who is addicted to screens is looking to isolate themselves in order not to be disturbed. They can even behave aggressively towards anyone who wants to distract them. Try to have a conversation with them. Talk to a trusted adult who can give good advice. And remember, this can happen to anyone, teenager or adult. In fact, could your parents be hooked on their screens?

B - On the contrary, speak to them.

Well done! That’s the right answer! The best signs of friendship you can offer your friend are to understand what is happening to them and advise them to discuss it with a trusted adult or, if necessary, with a doctor or a psychologist to get help. Dialogue is always a good solution.

C - You should help them and stay close to them by sharing their passion for their screen.

Nope! This is not a good solution because you risk becoming hooked on screens too. This addition comes along little by little. That is the trap. Don’t abandon the person but rather stay with them and suggest activities you can do together, such as outings with other friends. You’ll see, they will forget this obsession soon enough, just like Sango!