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At 7 a.m., the four young CyberVengers received the same message: some terrible news!

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Think you know all about fake news? Take our mini quiz to see!


In 1939, which made-up story was told on the radio and was believed by the people who tuned in to the program?

A - The President’s resignation

Nope! The answer is in the episode😉

B - The Earth was being invaded by Martians

Yes! Orson Welles, a famous filmmaker, did a radio show where he read « The War of the Worlds », a story about a Martian invasion of Earth. Apparently, lots of people thought it really happened.

C - A zombie attack

Nope! The answer is in the episode😉


How can you check if a news story you’ve heard is true?

A - It’s shared by reliable news sites

Yes. Before you believe anything, always check the source!

B - It’s published on social media

Nope! There’s a lot of fake news that goes around on social media. Be skeptical of anything you read there.

C - It has a picture

Nope! Beware of edited, faked or distorted images that can be used to make fake news look real.

D - It has inconsistent details

Yes! If a date doesn’t match the story, or if an image is different from the caption that goes along with it, then you should be suspicious!


How can you tell if you’re dealing with fake news?

A - Titles that are so shocking or eye-catching that you want to know more

Yes. Sensational information should be treated with caution and cross-checked with other reliable sources.

B - Powerful images that look like montages

Yes. Edited photos can be used to make fake news look credible. The photos can also be real but taken from another context, such as a photo from a vampire movie announcing an attack in your town.

C - Unofficial sources announcing scoops

Yes. Fake news is often shared by unrecognized websites that often claim to have the truth. If the news isn’t shared by several known sources, it’s probably not true!