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Another new case for the CyberVengers team!

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– Share this story –


Do you know what to do about cyberbullying? Take our mini quiz to find out!


What is cyberbullying?

A - An aggressive and intentional act done online (internet, social media, etc.), in a repeated manner, that aims to harm, scare, or mock someone

Yes.  Cyberbullying includes teasing, insults, threats, or the publication of embarrassing photos without the victim’s knowledge.

B - A new form of social media for sharing cats videos

No. Cyberbullying is when there is a series of repeated online attacks (internet, social media, etc.) aimed at harming, scaring or teasing someone.

C - Spending too much time on the internet

No. It is repeated online aggression (internet, social media, etc.) that can lead to shame, depression, withdrawal from school, and even suicide.


What should you do if your friends threaten or insult a classmate on social media?

A - Ignore it, because it’s none of your business

No. Not doing anything means you’re letting your friends harass someone. If you witness this serious act, don’t just stand by. Try to talk to your friends and tell a trusted adult quickly.

B - Try to reason with them and tell a responsible adult

Yes. This is the first thing you should do if you witness cyberbullying.

C - Comment or like the content on social media

No. This is passive cyberbullying. Liking or commenting on a mean-spirited statement or act increases its impact. Do not do unto others what you would not like to be done to you.


If you are being teased on social media, what should you do?

A - Tell a responsible adult (parent, teacher, family member, police officer, etc.)

Yes.  That the first thing you should do. Don’t be ashamed. You’re being cyberbullied, and a trusted adult can help.

B - Block the contacts who are teasing you

Yes. These people are bullying you online. Only accept friend requests from people you know and trust on social media. In addition, be very careful about what you say and the pictures you post online.

C - Report the contact and the posts or actions to the social network

Yes. This can lead to the removal of the user and his/her posts from the social media network.

D - Immediately retaliate by releasing an embarrassing photo of the offender

Nope! Getting back at your abuser turns you into a cyberbully too. This will not only make the situation worse, but it can also to lead to you being punished as well.