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Discover the personalities of your favourite cyber-danger-fighting heroes. Which one is most like you?

Aïa, the rebel


She’s 15 years old and always ready to give things a try, especially if it means bypassing authority and permission. She’s has long, jet-black hair, with a single long red streak.


She wears a hoodie and stuffs her hands in the kangaroo pocket. She smirks with her eyes squinted. She is elusive. She likes to enter without a key and to leave without a trace, whether it’s a room, a building, a computer or a server.

Ben, the careful one


He’s 16 years old and thoughtful, he takes his time and thinks a lot. He’s the strongest one of the bunch. He wears a light-coloured T-shirt, jeans, trainers, and he is solid.


When he presses a key, he does it without hesitation because he’s thought about it beforehand. In the group, he’s the natural leader, a person who inspires confidence and reassures the others.

Clara, the optimist


She’s 15 and has a positive mindset – to her everything’s worth a try. She’s up for anything, brings candy to share at the group’s hideout and wears cherry-scented perfume.


She thinks that nothing is ever very serious, even when they team realizes in the end that “some things are actually quite serious!”

Liam, the conformist


He’s 13 years old, and is Aïa’s little brother. At school, everyone makes fun of him because he likes to shine his shoes and wear a tie, but he wears it under his T-shirt, so it doesn’t show as he doesn’t want others to notice it.


He’s the kind of kid who reads all the terms and conditions you have to agree to before you sign up on a website. He’s the only one to do it, and he knows it… But the others agree it’ll be useful one day! When? They’re not sure, but one day…

Sango, the worried one


She’s 15 and she’s suspicious of everything and everyone. She’s the kind of person who changes her password three times a day and doesn’t store anything in the cloud. Her eternal question is: “Who’s behind it?”. She’s of a slim build, is always on the move and usually has a trick up her sleeve to get herself out of a sticky situation.


She’s also often saying: “I don’t like it. I don’t know why, but I don’t like it…” and who always says “I told you so” afterwards. But she’s the person the team turns to when they don’t know what to do.


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