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Message to parents, teachers and partners.

Parents, teachers and partners

Keeping children safe online has become a real issue and a priority for all of us. It’s a a real societal challenge.


We know that digital threats can have serious consequences for young teenagers: missing school, loneliness, depression, and worse…


We must help them understand the risks in order to better avoid them. The website you’re visiting - cybervengers.club - aims to teach young teenagers (11-14 years old) about these risks. We have designed it to be fun, interactive, and educational for them.


On their own, through a series of Webtoons, the CYBERVENGERS, une série de Webtoons accompagnée de quiz et goodies.


Since you also have an important role to play, we’ve also provided a support kit for you too.


The aim is to help start the conversation The aim is to help start the conversation about online dangers, to raise awareness about the mistakes to avoid when online, to ensure your teenagers are aware of the risks and allow them to surf safely.

What does ‘cyber’ mean?

(from the Greek word kubernân, to govern)

Prefix used to form a number of words related to the Internet.


Larousse dictionary


Examples of cyber risks: cyberattack, cyber-addiction, cyber-bullying, fake news, phishing, gaming addiction, violence, offensive content, terrorism, viruses, sexting (sexual content), paedophilia, shopping scams, screen addiction, photoshopped and/or altered images, cyber-espionage, theft of intellectual property, etc.

What are webtoons?

Webtoons are a type digital webcomic from South Korea. They are read online by scrolling (vertical reading from top to bottom), with a rectangular format that is designed for smartphone screens.


Download it. You can use this to help guide your conversations with teens.

English pdf